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Winter Fire Wax Melt

Winter Fire Wax Melt

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In a secluded cabin nestled within a snowy forest, a lone figure sat by the fireplace, gazing into the crackling flames.

The cabins walls adorned with snowshoes, antler mounts, and cozy woolen blankets. Each winter, she retreated to this cabin, seeking solitude in the embrace of nature.

Outside, the world was blanketed in snow, the forest a serene landscape of white. The air was crisp, and every breath was like inhaling the essence of winter itself.

Eleanor had just returned from a day of splitting firewood and exploring the frozen trails, her boots leaving tracks in the snow.

Now, by the roaring fire, she held a candle infused with the essence of her beloved woods. As she lit it, the room was bathed in a warm, flickering glow. The candle's scent began to fill the cabin, mingling with the comforting aroma of cedarwood and the invigorating scent of pine.


Fragrance Notes: Pine & Burnt Cedarwood

Scent Strength: Medium/Strong