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About Me

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Lunahrin was my COVID dream project.

I also own A Day In The Life Photography, and lets face it...

when people weren't gathering,

my main source of income was in serious trouble!

I thought about people working and spending more time at home,

and about what makes me more comfortable when I'm at home.

The answer, for me, was cozy clothes, plants, baths and things that smell great!

I've always found the relation between scent and memory intriguing,

and hoped that making candles would be a great way to share my love of scent with others.

So far, so good!

I love watching people smell a new scent.

There will almost always be a pause,

searching their memory for what it reminds them of.

Sometimes it’s a childhood memory, a person, or even a special place.

That is where the magic happens.

My goal is to create a hideaway that you can escape to,

to still your mind and go somewhere special.

Maybe you are setting the stage for an event,

or want to create an atmosphere for your business.

Maybe it’s while you relax in a hot bath,

or perhaps it's as simple as putting a smile on your face as you walk through a room.

My hope is that you'll create a space that you'll want to return to

again and again!

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