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Rainy Day Candle
  • Rainy Day Candle


    In a quaint little cottage at the edge of a meadow, lived a young woman.  She was a painter who drew inspiration from the world around her. Her favourite days were the ones when the sky was draped in a silvery veil of rain.  On one such rainy morning, she awoke to the gentle tap-tap-tap of raindrops against her windowpane.  Stepping outside, she felt the cool raindrops kiss her cheeks, and the scent of the earth enveloped her senses.  It was just like magic, a blend of fresh grass, petrichor, and rich, damp soil. This scent was the essence of life, and it filled her with a sense of wonder. 


    Fragrance Notes: Rain, Fresh Cut Grass & Soil

    Scent Strength: Medium/Strong

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